Place in Time People

Glenn Busch

Director and originator of the Place in Time project, Glenn is currently a senior lecture in photography at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, New Zealand. His interests include documentary photography, oral history, portraiture, biography and literary non-fiction. He is the author of four books; Working Men, You Are My Darling Zita, My Place and The Man With No Arms & other stories. Place in Time has been a major research interest for him since beginning it in the year 2000. He is involved in all aspects of the project.

Bridgit Anderson

Bridgit is a contributing photographer and project manager of exhibitions. Since 2004 she has been responsible for devising and implementing the project’s highly successful educational programmes. As a documentary and portrait photographer, she has held a number of tertiary teaching positions at institutions both in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. She is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Canterbury.

Tim J. Veling

Currently a Lecturer in Photography at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, New Zealand, Tim’s work encompasses both fine art and documentary photography. His imagery explores the concept of home, belonging and family within New Zealand’s social and cultural landscape. He is currently engaged in several long-term projects documenting the aftermath of Christchurch's devastating earthquakes. He is particularly interested in the psychological landscape and Christchurch's rapidly changing built and social-political environment. Tim has been a key contributor and administrator of Place in Time since 2003.

Hanne Johnsen

Hanne has been a major photographic contributor with a number of Place in Time projects. She came to New Zealand from Norway in 1999 having completed a degree in Environmental Biology at the University of Tromso. Since completing her BFA in Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, she has pursued a career in documentary photography. She has a passionate interest in youth and the young. Her latest work, Vekst i det Vanskehige, (Gyldendal Academic: 2013) is a book of interviews and photographs of children at risk.

Dr Barbara Garrie

Dr Barbara Garrie is a lecturer in Contemporary Art in the Department of Art History and Theory at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She has a specialist interest in contemporary photography and completed her PhD on the work of American artist Roni Horn. Barbara is a research associate with the Place in Time project, involved in curating, writing and public outreach programming.