The Man With No Arms & Other Stories

Captures with compelling authenticity the intimate stories of nine people who live daily with the reality of a disability. They speak candidly of growing up, the importance of work, family, relationships and of wanting to be treated like everyone else.

Ask Me to Dance

A brave, tender and honest account of a young womanʼs experience with pregnancy
and her struggle to make a decision about abortion.

These Are the Days

An account of a family dealing with breast cancer and their struggle which led to the breakdown of the family, and of regaining strength by dealing with the grief that once pushed them apart.

Red Bus Diary

Based on countless journeys made over a three year period on the Christchurch bus system, Red Bus Diary documents through insightful images and text a series of interactions and observations, both public and personal.

My Place

Stories and photographs that reveal the significance of our connection with places of importance and their impact on our lives.

My Own Shade of Brown

Documents the successes and struggles of six Samoan people living in Christchurch.  A portrayal of identity in a place not yet fully familiar, it recounts the need to preserve the known and understand the new.