Place in time

The Christchurch Documentary Project


Publications which intimately capture people's stories and reveal the significance of our connection to place.


An intimate and moving account of the last months of a man's life, and the close relationship he shared with his loving family.

Thx 4 the Memories

THX 4 THE MEMORIES was a Place in Time project that formed a major part of the Christchurch Arts Festival, 2013. Opening on the 22nd of August and running until the 22nd of September, the show was located on Worcester Boulevard between the Arts Centre's market square and Cathedral Square. This e-book is a digital publication of the material that made up that show.

In One's Own Land

Sam’s family survived the Cambodian Genocide–they were escaping from imprisonment when he was born. As a small child, he lived horrific experiences at the Khao-I-Dang refugee camp in Thailand. His early life is a crude example of what no child should have to endure; yet his life now is an example to follow. Sam reveals his story with sincerity and openness. He tells of his transformation, the various hardships duri his life, and also the acceptance he has found as a refugee in New Zealand.

In One's Own Land was produced by Janneth Gill as part of her third year of study at the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.

This Free Life

A lyrical account of young people navigating their senior school and teenage years.

This Free Life was produced by Jessica Ward as part of her fourth year of studies within the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.

The Harbour and I; I and the Harbour

An intimate and poetic book about Lyttelton Harbour, the adopted home of photographer, Ellie Waters.

This book is a work in progress, and was produced during Ellie's fourth year of study at the school of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.

These Are the Days

These are the Days is a story conveyed with photographs and text about a family dealing with grief and illness after Ib Glover’s diagnosis with breast cancer.

Ask Me to Dance

A brave, tender and honest account of a young woman’s experience with pregnancy and her struggle to make a decision about abortion.

Red Bus Diary

Based on countless journeys made over a three year period on the Christchurch bus system, Red Bus Diary documents through insightful images and text a series of interactions and observations, both public and personal