Place in time

The Christchurch Documentary Project


Place in Time is housed within the photography studio at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts. Offering an intensive education in fine art and documentary practice and theory, the school’s photography programme has a proud history of producing work of social-political importance and artistic excellence.

We firmly believe in photography as a means of communicating information, expressing ideas and conveying insights into the world. Place in Time was conceived as a platform to promote work our students produce. Since the year 2000, students within the programme have been widely exhibited and published as part of our associated activities.

This section of the website features work by undergraduate and post-graduate students. It will be added to as we work through and edit newly archived material. Where a portion of student work focused on Canterbury is endorsed within the Projects section of this website, work within the Students section may focus on areas outside of Canterbury, or still be considered work in progress.

The School of Fine Arts welcomes enquiries from people interested in studying photography at the University of Canterbury at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The undergraduate programme begins with an introduction to photographic principles and history, and an overview of materials and techniques relevant to photographic practice. Further studies involve an in-depth examination of the procedures which are distinctive to photography and how they can be used for both documentary and artistic expression.

Post-graduate students may propose to undertake a project wholly of their choosing. Many students that have had work exhibited and / or published by Place in Time have chosen to undertake major projects across both BFA(Hons) and MFA years of study.

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