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The Christchurch Documentary Project


Place in Time: The Christchurch Documentary Project arises out of the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Its purpose is to make, facilitate and promote documentary work about a city and a cross-section of its people that might contribute towards an increased knowledge, perception, appreciation and tolerance of one another and our surrounding environment.
Place in Time was established in the year 2000 by former Senior Lecturer in Photography, Glenn Busch. Since that time, using photography, documentary writing and oral history text, we have produced, facilitated and overseen a multitude of exhibitions and books, as well as run education projects for primary and secondary schools based around exhibitions and archived content.
Since Busch’s retirement in 2018, Tim J. Veling has taken up the role of Place in Time’s Director, with Bridgit Anderson continuing her role as Archive and Education Manager. Dr. Barbara Garrie leads our public outreach and research initiatives.
This website and the maintaining of the Place in Time archive is done on a completely voluntery basis. Without the generous support of time by a number of very enthusiastic and dedicated people, Place in Time would simply not exist. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute in some way to the maintaining and promotion of the archive.
We are also extremely grateful for the generous support of the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts for housing the archive and recognising the value of documentary work as a means of both artistic expression and critique and conscience of society.
Lastly, this website was built and our archive able to be expanded as a result of a considerable grant from the now disbanded New Zealand Centre of Photography. The NZCP was founded in 1985 by Brian Brake, Matheson Beaumont and Brian Enting as an organisation dedicated to showcasing the photographic medium to both New Zealand and the world. Place in Time is proud to continue in the Centre’s tradition and spirit.




  • Ella Hickford

  • Megan Hopkins

  • Bruce Ansley

  • Danny Bare

  • Dean Kozanic

  • Christopher Hooton

  • Mark Gore

  • Josephine Meachen

  • Elise Williams

  • Thomas Herman

  • Nicki Thorne

  • Sarah Laffan

  • Kirsty MacDonald

  • Chris Pownall

  • Siao Ping Ng

  • Siobhan Cox

  • Alexandra Keeman

  • Soo Ra Lee

  • Robin Hely

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Place in Time would like to thank the following sponsors and supporters without whose help much of what we have achieved would not have been possible.